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۷ Top Tips to Ensure You Become a Great Language Learner


What does it take to be a good language learner? Research has shown that the best language learners are those who take every opportunity to practice and learn. They are often outgoing, not too self-conscious about making mistakes, and strong communicators. Even if these traits don’t necessarily describe you, you can improve your language learning skills by adopting strategies that will help you create and build on opportunities to learn : Here are some you could try out

Keep talking

Pretend to understand

Join a study group

Learn standard sentences in the language to keep the conversation going

Create situations with native speakers in order to practice

Initiate conversations with teachers, fellow students and native speakers

Ask questions for clarification, for verification, for correction

Direct the conversation to where you feel your linguistic strengths are

Think in the new language, speak to yourself in it, silently answer questions addressed to others

Co-operate with your peers in any learning situation

Joke, smile, use conversational fillers

Another key to being a good language learner is identifying your priorities and planning your objectives for learning. Once you have gone through a Self-assessment exercise, you should then take further steps to plan your learning and monitor your progress.

Work out a study plan

Decide how much time you have available for studying the new language, and work out a schedule, taking into account the priorities you identified

Be realistic in your objectives

Don’t set yourself targets which you are going to find difficult to achieve. It is better to study and practise a little on a regular basis rather than try to learn large portions in a short time

Keep a record of what you do

A systematic approach to language learning has been shown to pay off. It is worth keeping track of what you do, with some indication of how useful or interesting you found it. You might like to keep a language-learning diary in your own language or the language you are learning

Monitor the way you learn

After you have decided on your language learning priorities, it is useful to examine the strategies you plan to use. Are they going to be effective for you? Try some of the suggestions above or in the articles on Learning Styles or the Four Skills and reflect on how well they work for you

Take every opportunity to use the language

It does seem that the language learner who is willing to take any opportunity to use the language is able to make the most progress

Don’t worry about making mistakes

Even when we are learning our first language, we go through a series of stages, which are full of ‘mistakes’. This ‘inter-language’ is part of the natural language-learning process. Often, the most successful language learners are those who do not mind trying something out, even if they are not sure if it is right

Assess your progress regularly

take the opportunity every so often to decide what progress you have made. This will encourage you, as you see that you are becoming steadily more proficient. Regular assessment will also enable you to rethink your study plan, if necessary

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